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Animal communication ... what is it?  

How it works?  


It is a communication by transmission of thought, by telepathy therefore.

This means that two living beings are able to communicate without spoken language, thanks to the exchange of feelings, emotions, images, sounds, smells, etc., this can vary.  

The distance does not matter because it is a holistic movement. I live in Europe, and that I communicate with an animal in France, in Italy, in Australia or in the United States, it will not make any difference in the quality of our exchange.


It is important to me to clarify that this is not a gift, all human beings are capable of it. (Yes!)

However, very young we have to conform to the society in which we live (unconsciously or consciously). We are very quickly confronted with all the requirements that we must meet (from kindergarten). And this is how, little by little, we begin to “be formatted”, to undo ourselves, to move away from this kind of “unusual” capacities, we put them aside and as we grow older we forget…


Every day we experience several states of consciousness. Scientists distinguish 5 types of brain waves in humans:  Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta and ALPHA. Depending on the activity we are doing, the brain emits different waves, examples:

  • Beta waves (from 13 to 30 Hz) are the waves which correspond to the processing of information, we are then in an active state, awake.

  • Alpha waves (8 to 13 Hz) correspond to those where we are awake but in a relaxed state, in mild relaxation or in calm awakening.

For animals, their brains are constantly functioning in alpha waves (hence their natural ability to communicate with each other without the need to speak).  

When I communicate with an animal, I am always alert but relaxed, my brain waves are then on the same frequency as them:  alpha waves.  

It took some practice to be able to put my own thoughts aside and distinguish those of the animal. But with time, a lot of practice, and patience, each connection came with more and more ease, fluidity, and clarity.


I am then ready to exchange, communicate beyond words with your animal. I take note of everything he has to convey during our exchange time, then I give you a detailed report of our communication.  

They are so happy to be able to talk to us and make each other understood, sometimes even relieved!

Everything I do happens with respect for everyone, in non-judgment and benevolence, I have an ethical code that is very close to my heart. I will tell you more in the tab :“About a session”.

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