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When is an animal communication needed?


Whatever the situation, animal communication is always very enriching, your bond with the animal is transformed, your relationship gains in depth ... Animal communication can be  to know if your animal is feeling good, happy,  to resolve a problem that you are having with him, to let him know about a big change coming up, or for an animale at the end of his life.

Animal communication will always be useful, benevolent, transformative, it can bring so much to the both of you, your animal and yourself.


Animal communication is possible with ALL animals without exception 

Distance plays no role in the quality of our exchange.

Here are examples, where animal communication can provide answers:


  • It can simply be to find out :


-If your pet is happy,

-If he feels good physically,

-Its needs, desires?

-What he thinks exactly,


  • If you have problems with your pet, if his behavior questions you?


Through communication with your pet, I can understand the reason for his behavioral problem and explain it to you. I would be able to ask him what he needs to stop doing this.


Please note that the examples which follow are only a “sample” of what can be found in everyday life. Each story, each situation is unique.

To illustrate my remarks:

A jack russel who lives with a single person, she works outdoors and takes her dog with her every day (he barks continuously) VS a jack russel in an apartment with a couple and two children (he barks also continuously), their identical behavior is however linked to totally different reasons.


No matter why you want to use animal communication for, it will always be a great experience! It will always be of great help, and beneficial to both humans and animals. In a word: POSITIVE !


Here are some examples, where animal communication can become your best ally:



-If your pet :

-is aggressive

-has no more appetite

-seems depressed

-is fearful


-If your cat scratches / bites you frequently 

-If your cat relieves himself elsewhere than in his litter box

-If your cat claws everywhere in your home (walls, curtains, sofas ...) 



-If your dog constantly barks 

-If your dog howls/cries/barks as soon as you leave him alone

-If your dog destroys your furniture when you are away from home 

-If your dog tends to run away

-If your dog is aggressive towards other dogs and the walk gets complicated



-If you want to know if your horse wants to live out in the field, or in the box…

-If you want to know if your horse likes, or would be happy to do horse shows?

-If you want to understand why your horse rears up and/or bucks frequently? 

-If you want to ask your horse, if he wants to be retired or still continue to be ridden a little bit?

-If you want to know if your mare would like to have a foal? 

-If you want to prepare your horse for a change of environement…



  • If you want to prepare, warn your pet of something:

For example:

-for surgery,

-for sterilization,

-for a divorce,

-for the arrival of a baby home,

-for moving,

-for the arrival of another animal,

-for a professional trip where you cannot take your pet,

-for vacations where you can't take your pet,



  • If you wish to adopt an animal, ask him:

-What kind of home would he like?

-If he likes the presence of children?

-If he likes the company of other animals (dogs / cats ...)?

-What does he think of the person who would like to adopt him?

-What was his life like before arriving at the shelter...?

And ask him your own questions ;)


  • And finally, when his life comes to an end ...


I would like you to know that I can accompany you through this difficult time, the animal as its human.

Animal communication helps you prepare for this separation, in a more serene way. You can know exactly what he needs (calm, companionship, intervention by the veterinarian or not yet, etc.) what he wants, the last messages he would like to convey to you.

Because very often, in front of our immense sorrow, we delay in taking the right decision. The animals are able to hold back, and endure a lot of suffering to stay a little longer by our side ...

Thanks to my support for their end of life, this transition can be made with more gentleness and peace.



Please note that communication with our deceased animals is also possible.


Do not hesitate to contact me, if you need further information.

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