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Give your animal a healing session

Beyond my dedication to listening to your animals and relaying what they have to say, what they feel, I also help them in another way: through a healing session.

This can be done in addition to an animal communication or independently.

  • What is it ?


An energy treatment as well as animal communication can be done from a distance. I can understand that there are skeptics among you, how is that possible would you tell me ??


A great man once said:


  “Regarding the matter, we were wrong. What we have called matter is only energy which has slowed down its vibration in order to be perceptible by our senses.  There is no matter.  

Everything vibrates at particular levels. ”

Albert Einstein


It's about quantum physics. To explain to you, everything is energy. Indeed, there are things that are part of our daily life and that we never question, even if we do not see them. For example: sound, WIFI: both intangible, we can neither catch it, nor see it, but we can measure it using machines, tools. It is the same for the brain waves, as I explain it in the tab "animal communication, what is it" ...


The most important in an energy treatment is not the proximity of the 2 physical bodies but the intention of the therapist. A deep intention of benevolence to help the other. Everything is frequency, vibration.


For your animals, I work as for animal communications : I need his photo where he is whole, alone, and where I can see his eyes. A photo less than 3 months old is preferable.  


If you wish, you can tell me (or not) about the health problem(s) of your pet. An animal that does not necessarily have diseases or problems may well benefit from a healing session. We can always bring well-being, boost up his vitality, etc.


  • In what situation should I offer a healing session to my pet ?


No matter what he is suffering from and the severity, it will always give him a extra help, a boost of energy, relief (physical and/or emotional), in some cases an acceleration of his healing, or even help to lengthen his life expectancy (this will depend on the stage of the disease).

[NB: in this type of situation, a single treatment will not suffice, of course]


I would like to point out that an energetic treatment never replaces the opinion of the veterinarian or an allopathic treatment.


Here is a non-exhaustive list where a treatment can contribute to the well-being of your animal:


  • Apathy

  • During/after illness (mild or severe such as cancer)

  • After surgery

  • After giving birth

  • After a traumatic shock

  • Digestion problem

  • Ulcers

  • Lameness

  • Osteoarthritis

  • Burns (skin, pad, etc.)

  • Skin diseases

  • ETC


Contact me if you have any doubts.


[NB: a healing session for your animal does you good indirectly, because we are closely linked by feelings, emotions and in energy]


  • My techniques as a magnetizer-healer


I have followed several trainings, in addition to my intuitive channel.

I work using dowsing boards, a pendulum, dowsing rods, in order to help me establish an energy diagnosis.

For the care in itself I work with the help of magnetizer passes, healer prayers and thanks to the intervention of Divine Energies.


Before providing care to the animal, I always ask its permission, (just like for communication). I also check using a dowsing board if I am the right person, at this present moment to provide him the care. And from there, the treatment can begin.


After the treatment, I will give you a summary of what I detected, worked on and treated.

It is either in writing or orally, because unlike animal communication sessions, I do not work by appointment for an healing session.  


The price of an energy treatment is 50€ 


All animal species combined

(Exotics pets welcome, fishes too, ALL)

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