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I asked Caroline to communicate with my cat, a year and a half old, rowdy and scratching and biting a lot, to try to understand and improve the situation. The session with Caroline was very enriching to identify and deepen the cat's needs, but also to put my finger on personal subjects that my cat identifies and which they were able to discuss together. I was surprised and amazed by the richness and subtlety of the information that she was able to capture during her meeting with my animal, which she absolutely does not know - and touched by the messages transmitted on the subjects which concerned me more personally .

Finally, it allows me to better understand his behavior and his needs (ex: his pain with too long claws, to cut because the scratching post is not enough! I probably wouldn't have noticed if she hadn't mentioned it ), and above all, it is more peaceful in our daily interactions, perhaps more confident too. For my part, I decipher his needs better and I try to move forward with the personal messages I have received - which also helps to facilitate the link with him. It is clearly a precious help and I think to repeat the experience regularly!

In addition, I really appreciated Caroline's work, as much for the very respectful setting that she established upstream of the communication, as for the precision and benevolence that she put in restoring her exchange with my cat. Thanks again !!!

Marie-Gabrielle   (France)


Magnificent experience with Caroline who communicated with my horse! I absolutely recommend her. She was able to accurately transcribe the messages that only my horse could have passed. She has got a real gift!

Thanks Caro.

Nastassia   (France)


A big thank you to Caroline for the animal communication made with my little cat Callie.

Beautiful messages emerged from this meeting.

Everything felt so right, thank you Caroline.

I highly recommend her.

Edith   (France)


Caroline is very professional, attentive and with a big heart. It is not just a simple animal communication, but a connection, a guidance with the animal and the people around him, the home, the couple, during this consultation, we talked about personal and professional life. It is an awareness for the well being of our pets but also for the well being of the whole family. I completely recommend it.

Amelie   (France)


I had a very helpful and amazing experience with Caroline helping me with my horses. 

The whole thing with communication is new for me. I heard about it before but never used it for my own horses. 

I own 3 horses and I haven't owned them for more than a year and a half. 

With Caroline's help I could understand their past better and what they needed from me and how I could help them in the best way. 

Now with a different view I could understand why they acted a certain way in a situation and with the information from Caroline I felt much more confident doing the right thing in that moment because I knew the history behind it. 


My now 2 years old stallion had a bad accident in the trailer when he was 1 year old. The driver braked so hard he felt in the front of the trailer upside down. 


I never told Caroline about this when she communicated with him.

Still she told me about this, about the bad experience with the trailer and that my horse would love me to give him a heads up before I will transport him.


And that helps me so much.


Caroline really got me to understand my horses needs and history better, each one of them. 

And I felt so much closer to them afterwards.


I totally recommend her and give it a try!


Thank you so much for your help Caroline.

Karin   (Finland)


I was crossed by different emotions during the interview with Caroline who communicated with my pet who died in 2018. I first felt  sadness but then quickly  joy and relief of knowing that she continues to follow my adventures and to watch over me✨.

Thank you Caroline.

Camille   (France)


Wow! What to say ? Amazed!

I made an appointment without great expectations and I have to admit, a little out of curiosity. I was wondering what my cat would say to me.

When she reported to me what they had exchanged, I admit that I was pleasantly surprised by her very professional approach (both before the communication and during her rendering) ,but above all by her very fair vision when she described to me what she had seen from my cat, his attitudes, his character and this very special bond that binds us both.

Also, the messages she has transmit to me were incredibly accurate and very helpful at this time in my life, because it brought to light elements that were in great need, always with kindness and benevolence. Whether you are curious or looking for answers, do not hesitate to trust her, you might be (pleasantly) surprised! THANK YOU for your listening and your approach, Lilou and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts for allowing us to better understand each other… and we must admit that since then, we have savored our hugging moments even more intensely!

Mandalie (Switzerland)


"Caroline was a real support in the communication with Isis. She allowed me to understand her emotional stress, to transmit me many messages which resounded in me and alleviated misunderstandings which were difficult for me to live with. Thanks to her I understand better how to reassure Isis and set up a balance in my life for each one feels in harmony at home. "

Aurore (France)


I contacted Caroline for a feline communication, I expected to ease the anxiety of my kitten of almost 10 years. I got a lot more than that ...
Caroline not only put words on the connection between my cat and me, but also put the finger on what to work on me (I was in great demand for a few weeks).
I will finally be able to appease Lilou but also my daughter and my partner. Without specifying the issues, she knew exactly where to go, and only Lilou could tell her everything we talked about. I am so happy and relieved to have called on this communicator!

Alice (France)


If you asked me if I believed in any form of parapsychology, my answer would have been skeptical. However, after two encounters with Caroline, I began to understand this kind of communication. 


We might all be under the wrong impression that people claim to communicate with animals with what we consider the only form of communication — verbal communication. I have come to see, that there’s a much more fundamental form of communication between living beings; one that must have pre-existed before languages and symbols were invented. A sixth sense, so to speak. 


Whilst I was being relayed the information transmitted by my animals to Caroline, I felt a soulful sensation, as if we were connected in a different dimension. I understand that we could probably never understand animals like we do humans, but this form of connection, in a way, is much more profound and meaningful.

Isheau   (The Netherlands)


"Thank you to Caroline for her very good work. I really appreciated her tact, her sensitivity and the fact of knowing how to take pauses and / or silence, to have the time to assimilate what was said. I was able to become aware of a part of my relationship that I did not see, thanks to my two cats. This allows me to take a step back and understand certain functionin within my relationship, myself, and the relationship with my kitties. Thank you again."

Noémie   (France)


Caroline communicated with my two Spitz; Max and Gypsy. The two communications were very interesting and she was able to tell me very exact things about the thoughts and wishes of both. I thought I knew and understood my two pets perfectly, but Caroline's communication allowed me to understand them even better and get even come closer to them.

Charlotte   (The Netherlands)


I am extremely grateful to Caroline.

She is a beautiful, bright and generous person. She takes the time, with a smile, before making an appointment to explain what animal communication she practices consists of, and after the consultation.

She listens carefully and is full of good advice. I recommend it at 10,000%.

I consulted her before having my cat neutered. Rhapsody is a 6½ month old male kitten that I adopted after the spring lockdown. What she does is amazing. She is very open, a messenger of confidence and full of benevolence. The messages she sent me allowed me to reassure me about my decision regarding sterilization, but also regarding the well-being of my kitten. She gave me precious keys to better understand my little cat and to improve his life (in a Parisian studio).


The most precious thing that sweet Caroline has allowed, is the discovery of what this love of a cat sees in me, these hidden beauties and wounds, and what it encourages me to do to bring them to light. I realized how much he would be an infinite guide and source of love. My relationship with Rhapsody has grown in depth and affection greatly. I am very happy with this experience and I am full of gratitude. I will call Caroline again with pleasure.

Lucie (France)

20201126_175506 (1).jpg

I called Caroline to communicate with my 4 month old kitten, Rocket, adopted just over a month ago. I wanted to make sure he felt good in his new home. Caroline delivered precious messages, which resonated with me, despite its very recent adoption. She also confirmed several feelings I had about him. Thanks to her, I feel even closer to him, our links are strengthened. She brought me several keys to promote his well-being and take care of him as best as possible, according to his own needs.

Caroline has a very gentle approach, with a great professional conscience. She places ethics at the heart of her intervention.

The communication that she manages to establish with the animal is quite simply stunning and she is extremely good at reporting the collected testimony. She takes the time necessary to exchange orally and also transmit a high-quality written report. I greatly enjoyed our discussions and highly recommend her to anyone who is keen to better understand the animals sharing their lives and wishing to improve their well-being.

A huge thank you!

Estelle (France)


We had a consultation with Caroline, I found it very interesting because it allowed me to become aware of certain things.

Caroline took the time to explain to us how the consultation goes, she is very attentive and very professional. In addition, at the end of the phone call, she sends us a document with all the things that your animal has entrusted to her. We can read it again at any time.
Thank you Caroline for this consultation.

Sandra (France)


I called Caroline to establish a communication with my cat Pimousse who remained disabled after what the vets thought it was a traffic accident. I wanted more clarification on what I sensed to be an act of cruelty.

Caroline was able to get the right words from Pimousse. She was able to make him communicate with respect and gentleness and managed to get answers to all my questions.

Caroline is an extraordinary person, a pure soul who knows how to say the right words intended for the whole household through the animal. Messages which allowed me to realize certain things and to deviate a little my trajectory to live better.

What more can we say about Caroline ? Well just that she is an extraordinary person and I recommend her with my eyes closed to everyone who will need to communicate with their animal for any reason whatsoever.

Thank you to her for helping us, Pimousse and I to move on a new and even more beautiful path.


Again a big thank you to you Caroline and see you very soon.

Aurélie (France)


Caroline communicated with my cat Perle, she has been in my life for a year and a half. This session was rather surprising, she was able to find the issues on which I have to work. She taught me things about Perle so that she could live better and in peace. I am really happy to have been able to do this session and I have felt more peaceful since.

A huge thank you to Caroline.

Elodie (France)


I was very amazed by the accuracy of the messages Caroline told me through communicating with my mare Harmonie. I found myself completely in these messages. This communication allowed me to have confirmations on the points to work in my life and with Harmony. Today I know what Harmonie needs and what she likes. A very nice experience, thank you Caroline for your kindness and the accuracy of your messages.

Aude (France)  


I had the pleasure of doing a session of animal communication with Caroline. This discussion was so moving. Caroline listens flawlessly whether it was with me or Aslan. A rare and pleasant kindness. It allowed us to understand each other better, to get closer.

A huge thank you for your work Caroline.

I knew how much Aslan and I are alike, but I had no idea that it reflected my own emotions, and my inner blockages. It is so powerful and so beautiful. I feel so much closer to my little lion. I feel like a new part of our story is beginning. It is up to me now and to my family to make sure we come together and communicate with kindness. I know we can do it. Now I hope everyone will make the effort to make it work.

Thanks Caroline.

Coralie   (France)  


My meeting with Caroline was magical for two reasons: it allowed me to discover a dimension that I never suspected and which made my vision of life grow; it also allowed me to reestablish a bond with my suddenly deceased cat, to welcome the message he had for me and to pass mine on to him. Despite my apprehension, I felt good in contact with Caroline and in confidence. I had an incredible (and unexpected) experience with her that was based on a lot of love and that I recommend to everyone.

Amandine   (France)  

IMG_20210111_164550 (1).jpg

Caroline was the connection of expression for my two pets. A moment out of time of sharing and fusion of love!

Relevant messages at the moment and which touched my subconscious on messages that I needed to hear, to receive in order to move forward, to walk with more serenity.

It is the most beautiful gift that I have been able to give to myself and to them also allowing them to express themselves on their needs, on their daily life.

I will address myself to Caroline with my eyes closed for possible support. THANK YOU to you for allowing me this bridge between my animals and I.

Marie  (France)  

Tudor 2.jpg

What I liked about Caroline is that we receive messages that help both animals and humans. Through communications with my 3 cats and my horse, Caroline depicted everything that was happening in my life, but from the point of view of my animals who accompany me every day. I received a lot of love, I was able to allay some fears and I felt more than ever loved and supported by my animals.

It is good to remember that they are our guides, our caring and loving guardian angels.

I also received very specific messages on what they want to eat, on their possible pains, their fears and all kinds of specific requests which allowed me to improve their daily life a little more.

It is an experience full of love and benevolence which always strengthens the bonds with our furry companions and which reminds us how much they did not cross our path randomly.

Elise (Saudi Arabia)


Very professional person who allowed me to better understand my animal. Which allowed me to realize even more how he felt for me. But which also updated what I had inside me and which made me feel better. I highly recommend it because it allowed me to bond with my dog.

Caroline (Netherlands)


Animal communication with Caroline touched us a lot, by the accuracy of the words, of what our animals have to say to us, about what they feel about us, ultimately they are our mirrors, they see us, observe us, they feel and send us their messages with so much love and wisdom. Thank you Caroline for your kindness towards animals, the time you give us and the accuracy of what you pass on to us. Nice discovery and it is only the beginning, after having made it for the dogs we will continue with the horses and see what they have to tell us in the daily work, to try to bring them comfort, listening, and adapt ourselves to their needs.

Camille (France)


An incredible experience from A to Z. Caroline really took the time with Pif, but also with me. Very very professional and attentive. She is gentle with animals and doesn't force them to discuss things they don't want. Lots of pedagogy, both human and animal! I really recommend. This allowed me to better understand my animal and put things in place in order to be able to access his requests to improve his daily life. What happiness, thank you again! I would call her again for my other pets!

Sarah-Marie (France)


I just finished the session with Caroline, I am landing slowly from this wonderful session. I called on Caroline to communicate with my dog as I felt the need to understand what her deep eyes wanted to tell me.

It was so rich and surprising, my dog was able to share what she likes and what bothers her on a daily basis, in a very representative way with her behavior. Happy to have the keys to understanding why, and especially to have the keys to improve her daily life, not always understanding her real needs.

And then she came to share her knowledge on the reading grids of my Soul... And there, it is quite overwhelming to note the accuracy of the message sent by Caroline because the subjects addressed are subjects that bring to light a profound feeling I had for several months. No coincidence there are ... My dog was able to share her wisdom and her benevolence to help me clean up what is slowing down my line of women ... Incredible and so accurate.

Thank you very much to Caroline for her honesty, her lucidity and this magical connection with my beloved one.

If you hesitate, I will have only one word to say to you: Go for it, you will come out amazed :)

Amélie (France)


I called on Caroline to take stock with my horse following a big change in environment, and in order to better understand certain behaviors that he can have with his congeners. I thought it was great to have the results live on the phone, it allowed me to fully understand and discuss live if necessary. Caroline has words that seem very right and takes the time it takes. I totally recognized my horse in the report, and I am happy to be able to better meet his desires and needs thanks to animal communication. And what a joy to put into words what they feel and share with us! Again a big thank you to Caroline, whom I will not hesitate to contact again if necessary!

Solene (France)


I had the chance to win a session during a contest organized by Caroline. I decided that this communication would be for Chacha, a wonderful little cat who lives within the walls of my workplace. Yes not usual as a story. This little cat was discovered 4 years ago in a dumpster by one of my colleagues. He was hungry, very emaciated, full of fleas and ticks. With the help of an associaton, my colleague treated and helped him. By mutual agreement we kept Chacha with us. Little by little,he made its marks, establised himself landmarks.

It is love on a daily basis. On the strength of this atypical journey, I asked Caroline to get in touch with Chacha to find out about his current state of mind, to find out how he felt.

He delivered very personal messages to each of the colleagues showing him daily interest. Very strong and moving messages. Mine was filled with Love. It was very moving. Two other colleagues of mine also received wonderful messages. It is so beautiful!

Chacha is happy where he is today. He has found his place and people to love him.


Small express request from him, change his water several times a day to prevent it from becoming tinted with negative energies.


Caroline was very available, we exchanged a lot, a rich and very interesting exchange. She is a very sensitive person, who puts a lot of heart into what she does.


I wish you the chance to get in touch with your furry companion. It is so strong, your bonds of Love will grow out of it.


I will call Caroline again without hesitation to find out how Chacha is doing in a while.



Vanessa (France)


What a beautiful and rich experience! We contacted Caroline to communicate with our  cat Sakura, 3 years old. It was at the same time a family request to make still  more harmonious our relationship with her and a personal request on my part having the  feeling that she accompanied me more particularly. 

Our exchange with Caroline took place, with a lot of respect for each of them.  us, including Sakura of course. We were able to pass on to him our practical and relational questions and our sharing of love for our cat. She was able to bring us the answers 

of our animal that rang right, echoing situations that we live. Caroline communicated to us, with kindness and sometimes humor, the needs (food,  comfort) and Sakura's sensibilities. 

I learned a lot with her and I was very moved and happy to hear the mission more  Sakura's personal contact with me. 

This experience allowed us to shed light on intuitions or feelings that we had in  family, while giving us valuable leads on how to live better together. The written report is very pleasant so as not to forget anything of this beautiful moment. 

Caroline is invested and wishes the best for the animal as for the humans who  welcome him and I can only recommend his approach to animal communication.

Virginia  (France)


I am writing you this testimony to thank you for the care you lavished on Félin for his osteoarthritis in the hips (and even more following your report). 

I find him calmer and more relaxed, he also seems to have more vitality and ease of movement (even if that does not make his osteoarthritis disappear of course, it seems to relieve him a lot). 

Thank you very much for your kindness, your listening to his needs and your availability. I was delighted to know that Félin was in such good hands. Thank you for the quality of your care and your attentions towards him! 

Sarah  (France)


I called on Caroline for two of my animals, and I am very satisfied with the healing session she provided for them. For Nino, my guinea pig, Caroline confirmed what I had learned from a communication made by another person, namely that he was very sad to no longer have a companion. So we understood that it was time to welcome a new little member to our family. Caroline also soothed her stomach aches and digestion problems, and I found my Nino back to normal : more greedy and more comfortable.

Caroline also performed a treatment on Lala, one of my two female degus. There too, she was able to capture Lala's character very quickly, and made her a global re-harmonization which helped my little one to feel better and to take better advantage of her living space. 

I sincerely recommend Caroline, who is very attentive, very gentle and works in depth to offer our little ones the best possible care. 

Thank you Caroline

Maud  (France)


Caroline speaks with kindness and accuracy. What was mentioned in the session through Gloria, has touched my daughter and myself. I warmly recommend Caroline if you want to know the messages that your animal wants to share with you. Be ready to hear everything, even the most unexpected, the emotions will be there! A big THANK YOU Caroline

Corinne   (France)


Here is my testimony, I don't think it fully expresses what your work has aroused that is wonderful in me and in my bond with Tia.

But I did the best I could.  

The communication overwhelmed me and allowed me to trigger a click in me. 

The informations transmitted are precise !!  


I can only encourage all people who wish to (better) understand their animal,  for a behavior change or any other reason to contact Caroline. 

Caroline transmits to us this unique bond which unites us to our animal.  Through this communication, I really understood that this being is much more aware  than what I thought. She is a real guide.  


Caroline's work is powerful! 

It is truly driven by the heart. 

Thanks to her professionalism, her involvement (report), her humanity, my little dog has understood that she no longer needs to be anxious when I entrust her to someone.  



Celine   (France)


I called Caroline to find out why my cat was urinating outside of her litter box and to find out if she was okay with adopting a second cat. I had very clear answers transmitted by Caroline and which made sense in relation to the character of my cat, the experience did not stop there because my cat had a lot of things to tell me about my relationship as a couple and my emotional blockages. It was a very informative session and Caroline took the time to send a written report, which allowed me to reread the information with a little distance and to be able to continue to reflect on the advice given by my cat ( and yes, animals have a lot to teach us). I am very happy with this session and highly recommend Caroline as an animal communication therapist.

Clementine   (France)


I am coming back to you to give you a feedback on the treatment of Rosalie.

The mare is much more serene and calm, we feel her liberated from a burden and physically she is so beautiful and harmonious! Thank you again very much for this treatment, the mare was able to express herself and it did her a lot of good!

Constance  (France)


This communication was strong in emotions and feelings.
Caroline made me pass and understand the messages of my young dog, Théa.

Already a few days after this exchange, Thea came closer to me.
  It was only the beginning since I take a lot more time for myself and I finally took the Reiki training that was close to my heart. I'm working on being less demanding of Théa and she listens to me more and more. Our relationship is more harmonious.

Caroline's speech, gentleness, sensitivity, accuracy and depth of words in the transmission of her art helped me a lot not to feel guilty and facilitated my awareness.

I recommend having this experience.

Thank you very much Caroline, you are a wonderful "messenger"

Karine (Switzerland)


I called on Caroline twice to do animal communication with my 2 cats Boow and Hely.
Having found Boow after having lost him for 10 years, I was very curious to know what happened to him during his 10 years and especially if he remembered me well. I was able to have all the answers to my questions and the confirmation that Boow knew very well who I was. He was able to send me many other messages filled with wisdom and kindness. I let him go outside calmly because he made it clear that it was very important for him to be free and I see that he is happy that way.
For Hely, it was a very intense communication for me because I could see how attached she was to me and what bothered her since Boow arrived in our life. She pointed out that she missed not sleeping with me since Boow arrived, she came back to sleep with me the very evening of the communication and since then she sleeps with me again every evening. I see that she feels better in the house and managed to find her place with Boow. She also gave me many wonderful messages. I recommend this experience to all animal lovers, we can be very surprised at the number of things they know and have to tell us.

Virginie  (France)


I would like to thank Caroline very much for her professionalism and for all the messages she was able to bring me through tchoupi my little 4-year-old cat. His messages allowed me to put words to my questions about Tchoupi's behavior. This session was overwhelming for me but in a positive way. It allowed me to become aware of my discomfort and that of my little cat. I never would have thought that Tchoupi could know so much about me through my emotions and my energies. This session allowed me to open my eyes to my personal situation and that of tchoupi. My husband was very skeptical but after reading the report he quickly changed his mind. I'm really happy with this session, I recommend Caroline 100%, she's very kind, attentive, she gives advice and the little report keeps track of our exchange.


Manon   (France)


I initially contacted Caroline to better understand my dog's behavior. But in addition to the answers obtained to my questions, the discussions later turned to feelings buried deep inside me that I had never shared with anyone. It's crazy what our animals are capable of! They know us better than ourselves :-) As they say "You have to live it to believe it". A big thank you to you Caroline, for your kindness as well as for the right words. 

Geraldine   (France)


First of all, thank you to Caroline for this magnificent connection with my little angel Sweety who died recently.

Sweety's messages were accurate, full of love and allowed me to become aware of certain points to improve in order to evolve, and thanks to this animal connection I could make my Sweety proud.

The communication transmitted by Caroline also reassured me on the fact that he was happy with us, it was the most important thing in my eyes and also that this link, this very strong love between us is eternal.




Helena  (France)


Thanks to Caroline, my relationship with Taïro is now great, this animal communication has revealed a lot of things to him and to me and has allowed us to understand each other, it's incredible, 10,000 thanks to you. I recommend you 200%. Happy to have discovered you and made this animal communication. Even my husband who was skeptical read your review and saw a real change as well. THANKS A LOT !!!


Tatiana  (France)

Capture d’écran 2022-07-26 163604.jpg

I did four communication sessions with Caroline, for my four animals (Horse and three cats). The first with my horse blew me away, to be honest, even if I knew some basic elements not provided to Caroline, she knew how to give me very strong emotional elements on my relationship with Jazz (and the others) which confronted in my unconscious perceptions, making me want to communicate with my three cats. What is impressive and to see how the relationship with these animals is authentic and very intense, following these exchanges, I noticed changes in the behavior of my animals, ways of thanking me for having listened to them.


Thanks to his work and the messages of my four-legged friends, I was able to discover beautiful things, the most difficult (like a health concern for one of my cats) and elements about me. Each of them brought me surprises, laughter, tears and a lot of questioning. If I was skeptical curious about this kind of gift, I must admit that there is no doubt at this moment and I really thank Caroline for her work. She is a very human, gentle person who tries to best transcribe the messages of our companions, I can only highly recommend her.


Helline  (France)

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