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The following tabs will tell you all about my work and my approach about intuitive communication, I wanted to do a little introduction first.


Today, I live in a western country, and my customer base is also in the western part of the globe.

From my past, my previous job as a groom - which I mention in the tab "Who am I  ?"-  I spent almost 10 years in a very cosmopolitan environment, I traveled a lot and met people from all walks of life, all continents,  where what brought us all together and connected us to each other were the horses.  


Why am I mentioning this to you? To bounce back from the fact that today, animal communication is for me a way to create connections with people, with animals and between humans and animals. I believe, and I see, that animals have this ability to bring people together, they can be this bridge, this mesh that connects us to each other or sometimes even reconnects us to ourselves.

Proof of this is: equitherapy or animal mediation, for example. These are therapeutic methods where the animal has the central role, it is the bridge, between the person suffering from psychological and / or physical disorders and the caregiver. The presence of the animal creates a space where the patient feels safe, not judged, and where he can dare to express himself and/or interact with the animal, and through it with the caregiver. Spontaneity comes into play, and dialogue can then be established.

[This is of course a very brief description of what animal mediation is and how much it brings to the people concerned. I just wanted to give you a concrete example of the beneficial power that animals can have over humans.]


I am sure that many of you have already noticed that one of your children, niece / nephew or cousins, has been more open relaxed in the presence of an animal. .


What if you knew what your pet is really thinking?

Let me take you to this wonderful world of the intuitive communication, by following these links:



I also offer energy care to help and relieve our animals (see the tab: "physical healing" ).  

You will find all the informations on the different services that I offer in the tab: "services" .

I also invite you to go to the Testimonials tab  where many people gave me feedback after a session.

Enjoy your visit on ly website, I remain at your disposal for further information, click here to contact me :  contact Caroline

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