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Passionate and in love with animals since always, something very special happened with the horses when I was only 4 years old.

An encounter that will forever change my life.


Animals have always been an integral part of my life and are for me a source of great happiness and wonder. At their side, I do not see the time passing, I feel whole, in my right place.


Little girl, I reviewed all the professions that I could exercise “when I will be a grown-up”. But the profession that was made for me was neither veterinarian, nor breeder, nor canine educator ... I knew it was something else, but at the time the word that came closest to it was "whisperer" ... Today it makes me smile.


After obtaining my diploma in the agricultural field (always with the aim of being close to animals), I went abroad through an approved organization to carry out an internship in a stable. My dream at the time was to combine adventure, foreign lands and horses.


So here I became a trainee in a prestigious stable in the United States. Thanks to this experience, many doors opened and I continued to travel, to work with renowned show jumping horses. I lived my dream, my desire of the moment. Being with the horses 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, taking care of them, having a strong link, creating relationships...


And yet despite this idyll, it was  always this I-don’t-know-what deep inside me that wanted more. Something deeper and authentic inspires me, I wish to know exactly what they feel, what they think, if they are happy. This is what matters most to me.


Since I was a little girl, I always wanted to be able to dialogue, converse with animals. Somehow I was already doing it.


And one day, I freelanced in Florida in a new stable, where new horses were entrusted to me. To my delight, I quickly bonded with their people. And it is this person who utters to me the two key words that will turn my life upside down: animal communication ... This was THE trigger! The beginning of something.... big, beautiful, powerful, magical.


Being an animal communicator is more than a job for me, it has always been my vocation.


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