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To be able to communicate with your animal, I need a recent picture where the animal is whole, alone, without anyone else (animals or people). I also need his name (and nickname if you use him a lot to call him), his age (if adopted, an estimate is enough), his gender, whether he is neutered or not, where he lives (the city, and the country), as well as the name(s) of the humans who live with it.


Every session is done with love, benevolence and with judgment-free.

I would like to share with you the code of ethics with which I practice and which is very close to my heart:


Ethics in animal communication:

When I do animal communication, I do it with integrity, authenticity and caring. I get deeply involved.
If I followed this vocation, it is to be able to help the animals as well as the people sharing their life.

Everything is always done with the greatest respect, empathy and sensitivity.


Before starting a consultation, I like people who share the life of this animal to know and agree on it.


Very often animals tell us about the human beings that share their life, it could be about personal things. Your animal will have very nice messages and advices to tell you, I prefer that everyone is aware of this and ready to listen.

Rest assured, animals are never judgemental, they love unconditionally.


And last point, it is possible that the animals ask to put things in place in their life, for example, change food or change the litter of place etc, and sometimes this concerns you. And yes;), it is always for your well-being and always achievable, accessible.


I like to clarify these points before I share with you what your pet is thinking and feeling.


I want to precise that some people will talk about “interpretation”. However, in any case I allow myself to interpret the messages, feelings, emotions that your animal transmits to me through the own filters of my experience, or my beliefs etc.


I do not interpret anything.

I am like a blank page.

I am only the mouth of the animal, nothing more, my goal is to tell you as accurately as possible all that he made me feel, showed me etc. without interpretation, without judgment, without criticism.

After clarifying this point, here is how animal communication takes place; it is composed in 2 steps:


  • Firstly :

I welcome whatever the animal wishes to tell me spontaneously :)

There can be shy animals but also very chatty ;), in general they are delighted to be able to express themselves and finally to be understood “word for word”, because this is a human who speaks the same language.

And yes, even if they are good at expressing things of everyday life to us with their gestures and their eyes, during a communication, they can share everything, and go much further in what they want to express. And they are delighted! 😀


  • Then in a second step:

After giving him time to speak, I ask him the questions you have previously told me about (when you return the email to me with his pictures, and informations about him).

The animal responds to me, explains or expresses what it needs, etc.

This 2nd phase of communication is very important because it will make it possible to initiate a change (when necessary), to transmit your messages to him, to understand certain things that he does ...

A consultation lasts 2 to 3 hours  (and sometimes longer). I spend about 1 hour in communication with your animal, before calling you to give you a full report. When I call you, I am still connected to your animal, so we can deepen a subject "in live" all together if necessary. For our phone call, allow 30-60 minutes.

I adapt myself because each situation is unique. After our talk on the phone, I will also send you a written report by PDF of the communication.


To make an appointment, you can send me an email at this address: or contact me at +


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